City Council Green Lights the Skatepark!!!

In a monumental unanimous decision, the Eugene City Council today voted 8-0 in favor of endorsing the Eugene Parks Department’s recent proposal to allocate additional SDC (Systems Development Charge) funds for the development and construction of the WJ Skatepark in order to begin construction of the ENTIRE proposed skatepark in 2013. Just as importantly, the Parks proposal does not require additional private fundraising for near term ongoing maintenance. Although a continued capital private fundraising campaign will be necessary and ongoing, the Eugene Parks Foundation has stepped up to spearhead these additional private fundraising efforts.

The SES board wholeheartedly backs this proposal and would like to graciously thank the key Parks Dept. staff and managers that pulled this plan together as well as the entire Eugene City Council and Mayor for their support. As you can imagine, skatepark advocates and supporters along with other community members in favor of realizing a different future for the W-J Park are stunned and electrified at this amazing and fortunate turn of events. Click here for more background on today’s vote.

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