Is Quest a good skateboard brand?

Quest has one of the most popular longboard skateboards with over 1,000 customer reviews. So definitely, they are a good and reliable skateboard brand.

They have a product line that features many types of boards like old-school banana boards, cruiser boards, longboards, downhill boards, etc.

These are great choices for downhill bombers, riders who want a stylish transporter, or thrill-seeking folks who want a cool ride for fun!

Let’s look a bit deeper into this brand and see what it can offer you!

Quest Brand Overview

What are the strongest skateboard decks
What are the strongest skateboard decks

Quest is a company based in LA. Their boards, however, are “Made in Mars”. At least, that’s what they say.

In fact, Quest stands behind the quality of their boards. They have this quirky “alien” company culture that makes them stand out from the crowd.

While other companies take components here and there and put them together, Quest makes all of their products from scratch. Yes, every single component. They understand what you ask for when you spend your money.

Working with the pioneers in skateboard, snowboard, and surf industry, Quest designs and makes boards with fresh graphics, artisan wood, and excellent performance.

Quest says that “Life is a Quest. Enjoy the ride!”. We think that’s a very cool slogan!


How much does a good skateboard cost?

On the market right now, you’ll typically find all kinds of boards ranging from $20 to over $400. Among these are great ones and low-quality ones.

Choosing a good board pretty much depends on your needs, styles, and budget as well. As an estimate, we’d say a decent price for a good skateboard is around $50 up to over $100.

Let’s do some window shopping right here so you know what you’re getting out of your boards. Plus, we’ll show you what you should avoid.

Let’s jump right in!

Under $50

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels
Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

There are many options for under $50. At this price point, you’ll find the market saturated with penny boards, nickel boards, longboards, cruiser boards, and your regular skateboards.


Can you use longboard trucks on a skateboard with normal skate wheels?

Skateboard Uses & Trucks

The Truck Width
The Truck Width

As you’ve probably already known, skateboards are mostly used to do tricks on. Your regular skateboard will measure somewhere around 33 x 8 inches. That number varies depending on the brands and models you get. The width range is around 5 – 8 inches and the length is 30 and above.

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Truck Width

Because of the deck width, the truck width must also be made accordingly so it best fits the board. In simple words, the full truck width is the same as the deck width. You’ll typically find the width measured in mm or inches. This can be confusing at times.

Some measure the truck from the hanger start to end (excluding the axles) whereas others measure it from axle to axle. For example, a 180mm truck is actually a full 10-inch one. But, you won’t find such wide trucks on most skateboards.