How much does a good skateboard cost?

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On the market right now, you’ll typically find all kinds of boards ranging from $20 to over $400. Among these are great ones and low-quality ones.

Choosing a good board pretty much depends on your needs, styles, and budget as well. As an estimate, we’d say a decent price for a good skateboard is around $50 up to over $100.

Let’s do some window shopping right here so you know what you’re getting out of your boards. Plus, we’ll show you what you should avoid.

Let’s jump right in!

Under $50

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels
Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

There are many options for under $50. At this price point, you’ll find the market saturated with penny boards, nickel boards, longboards, cruiser boards, and your regular skateboards.

DId that feel overwhelming to you? Don’t be! Remember these length measurements:

Penny boards: 22”

Nickel boards: 27”

Cruiser boards: 32”

Regular skateboards: 33 – 36”

Longboards: 36” or more

Let’s start by eliminating the bad ones so we’ll get closer to the best ones out there. First of all, stay away from WalMart boards. You’ve probably heard this before. They have some real quality issues since most of them have been mass produced over in China.

Don’t get us wrong. Not all products made in China are bad. Your iPhone, for example, has its materials and assembly outsourced to China. The point is you can’t trust WalMart boards if you’re serious about skateboarding.

They may be a giant in retail stores, but they have zero experience in skateboarding! Not to mention, picking a good board. You don’t want to be their guinea pigs trying out the products.

So, what are the good ones? Let’s bring them out right now.

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Penny boards are a great option for under $50. It’s the shortest one out of the bunch. WIth fewer materials required in the production, it makes sense that penny boards are priced a little less than other kinds of boards. Some good ones are Playshion Cruiser, Enkeeo, Penny Australia and RIMABLE boards.

If you’re looking for a regular bullet shape skateboard, definitely check out KPC Pro, Chrome Wheels, Roller Derby, and Retrospec. Those are reputable brands that make great-quality boards.

There are no electric skateboards that cost under $50, sorry. If there was one, we’d highly doubt it will function properly.

Under $100

skateboard for beginner adults
skateboard for beginner adults

For under $100, you’ll get plenty more options and a lot more specs. Boards in this price point have bearings ratings from ABEC 9 to ABEC 11. Some are still ABEC 7, but they are pretty well-made, too!

You’ll find higher-quality decks on boards in this category. They are usually made from wood. Or specifically, bamboo or maple. The trucks are also made from high-quality aluminum. The wheels are covered with polyurethane (PU), making them super durable.

Probably the nicest thing about these more expensive boards is the graphics. If you’re really into this, you’ll certainly fall in love. They have many limited editions as well. You’ll find Darth Vader, Spider-Man, Burger Monster, etc. They’ve got all the characters that you love.

You should definitely check out Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard if you’re interested. It’s an amazing board, even for complete beginners. We also have Penny Rasta, Simpsons, Magneto Mini Cruiser, Skatro Mini Cruiser Board, RIMABLE complete skateboard, and Quest Nutrition Super Cruiser.

All of these are great skateboards for the money. In fact, thousands of riders have bought and enjoyed these boards. These companies are transparent about their policies. Most of the boards come fully assembled. They also have a T-tool in case you want to tinker with your board. You’re pretty much covered all the way.

Over $100

Shark Wheel Review
Shark Wheel Review

If your budget allows this, it will open the doors to much more high-end and superb boards. In this luxury category, two names that pop up first in our mind are Sector 9 and Landyachtz.

Sector 9

Sector 9 has recently celebrated its Silver Anniversary. They have been around for a very long time. This is a pro brand honestly. They truly care about their customers. And their longboards? Simply amazing.

We’d definitely recommend checking out any of their collections or series. Sector 9 Sand Shark is a great skateboard packed with super cool features. The Aperture Sidewinder is another awesome longboard for you. They have pintails, fishtails, drop-through, bullet shape decks. Pretty much everything.

What we love about Sector 9 is that they are environmentally conscious. Most of the board materials are made from recycled and selected plastic or wood. The thing that differentiates them from the rest is their business ethics.


We also mentioned Landyachtz. Their boards are just great. The devil is honestly in the details. You won’t find any Landyachtz boards that are cheaper than $100. Absolutely amazing boards with super fine craftsmanship!

We love the Landyachtz Tugboat, the Dinghy, the Chill Bird. You’ve gotta see them for yourself!


Arbor is another fire in the house. Their boards are just so beautiful. Seriously, we could go on for hours talking about how damn good-looking these are. Their boards are also eco-friendly. Super nice ride quality and superb craftsmanship. Definitely check them out!

Electric skateboards

Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners
Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners

This option would fit busy folks who want a fast and stylish commuter. For over $100, you’ll get great electric skateboards like those from teamgee, VOKUL, BLITZART, or MEEPO.

These boards are quite heavy, however. You won’t be able to do off-the-ground ollie tricks with these very easily. They are an awesome transporter, however, with speeds from 10 to over 20 MPH!


That’s pretty much all we have for you today! Hope you enjoyed the little shopping tour around all the best and gimmicky brands there are on the market right now. We certainly enjoyed sharing it with you.

Although boards around $20 or so seem very appealing, do your research before buying. Otherwise, you may waste your money and get nothing good to practice your tricks on. For under $50 bucks, we’d definitely recommend penny boards by Penny, Playshion, and RIMABLE.

For under $100, you can get very good boards from Retrospec, Penny, Quest Nutrition, or Magneto. With over $100 in hand, definitely check out Sector 9, Arbor, Landyachtz boards, and teamgee electric skateboards.

With all that said, we hope you’ll have a great experience with your boards! Thanks for reading!