What kind of skateboard is best for beginners?

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For the beginner skateboarders out there, if you haven’t decided what kind of skateboard to get, this post will provide all the necessary information on picking your first skateboard. Depending on your personal preferences, you’ll find certain boards listed in the discussion below suitable.

What Kind Of Skateboard Should You Get?

Kind of skateboard is best for beginners
Kind of skateboard is best for beginners

Here are the types of skateboards that we believe would be suitable for novice skaters. Judging on your preferences, you could choose one over the other.

For doing tricks and most other stuff

If your purpose of getting into skateboarding is to enjoy doing tricks as well as other regular skateboarding activities, you won’t likely to go wrong with a standard skateboard. It has all the capable features needed for you to land your favorite tricks or skills. Not to mention that skateboards are quite easy to learn.

In additions, a standard skateboard is also quite versatile as you can use it for cruising and casual transportations. Its relatively small size allows you to carry your skateboard everywhere you go.

For cruising or high-speed racing

On the other hand, if cruising or high-speed racing are your priorities, then a longboard might be a better choice. It’s equally easy, if not easier than regular skateboards due to the large deck. This provides lots of space for you to comfortably stand on. In additions, the larger board also allow for better stability if you’re doing your first rides.

However, if you’re planning to land some cool tricks on the board, you might want to think again. Because of the large sizes, it’s almost impossible for you to perform flying-related techniques.

The Types To Avoid As A Beginner

The Best Choosing Pintail Longboards For Beginners
The Best Choosing Pintail Longboards For Beginners

And here are the types that we think you should avoid, as an inexperienced skateboarder.

Walmart board

If you’re thinking of getting one of these super cheap boards from your local Walmart, then you should get rid of that thought right now. You should know that nothing comes free, and so does these boards. To compensate their surprisingly inexpensive pricing, the manufacturer must perform all kinds of downgrades on their boards. As a result, we have ourselves some of the most poorly-made skateboards.

To experienced eyes, we can immediately tell that there is something wrong with these boards. Their deck is poorly constructed and won’t be able to survive if you put on some weight. The bearings are usually fake, and so does the wheels, trucks, and most other components on it.

Having these boards would do the opposite of learning how to skate. Instead of practicing on a real skateboard, you’re wasting on a product that isn’t even called a skateboard.

Penny board

As for the Penny boards, although they’re quite loved due to some undeniable advantages. We still think that these aren’t the best board to learn tricks and for cruising.

First of all, they come with extremely small sizes which make it a lot more difficult to stand on, especially with skateboards for beginners. Everything is small on a Penny board, the deck, the wheels, the trucks, and even the bearings.

And secondly, you won’t get any kind of grip tape on it which means that doing tricks isn’t quite possible. How can you expect to pop the board up when you have literally no grip on it? Not to mention that Penny boards are usually much more expensive compared to a regular board.

So if you’re a beginner who are learning how to skate, it’s best to avoid these boards until you’ve become relatively experienced.

Electric skateboard

Electric skateboards can be quite useful if you’re looking for a way to deal with the “last miles” and “first miles” problems. With electric-powered motors, you can enjoy comfortable rides on your board without breaking a sweat. However, as a beginner, you probably find the electric skateboards somewhat lacking.

For example, if you’re planning to learn tricks on your board, then you will never be able to land any of your tricks on this board. Due to their design, they must include large batteries and motors at the bottom of the deck, thus eliminating any flexible elements.

How To Select Good Skateboard For Beginners?

The Best Pintail Longboards For Beginners
The Best Pintail Longboards For Beginners

Now that you’ve known which boards to avoid, it’s time to learn about the important factors when choosing skateboard for beginners.


Your skateboard deck must feature a suitable width for your height. Generally speaking, if you’re an adult and want to look for a comfortable skateboard to start skating, it’s best to choose boards that measure 7.5” and above.

They would provide enough stability to keep you well-balanced on the board while also remain relatively flexible.


For most cases, your trucks should match your board in terms of width. This ensures that you stay secured on the board and makes it easier to perform tricks, especially those flipping-related ones.

In additions, you should also keep your truck relatively low to enhance its stability. As you’ve just begun to learn how to skate, having tall trucks are not necessary.


The needs for having taller trucks are mostly because you can install larger wheels, which provides more speed.

However, for beginner skateboarders, having large wheels won’t do you many goods and it also reduces the stability. That being said, it’s better to go for smaller wheels to help you stand comfortability on the board.

And depending on your preferences, you can choose wheels with a different durometer. For cruising, soft wheels would be more appropriate since they are great at absorbing shocks. On the other hand, you’ll find hard wheels more effective for doing tricks due to their responsive nature.

Grip tape

For most beginners, it’s recommended that you get yourself some of the stickiest grip tapes on the market. These would help you maintain a good grip while standing on your board. It’s quite important if you’re just learning how to skate.

And even when you’ve gotten better at skating and are looking to learn tricks, having grippy tape also make things a lot easier.

And that’s our opinions on what kind of skateboard is best for beginners. Hope you’ve decided which one to get. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.